Where did DPTB start for us? 

It started when a Dad I know got a call from his daughter.  The call lasted a few minutes, but during the call you could tell that he was getting frustrated with her and at the end of the conversation he said: "Honey, Don't Poke The Bear". 

Meaning...don't mess with me anymore.  So for all you Dads out there who want to make a statement to your family and friends, here's your chance.

Also, we've made this t-shirt a dual purpose shirt.  For those who are not happy with the way things are going in our country, (Congress not listening to us, high taxes, etc.) then this T-Shirt is also for you!

It says: You've poked the bear too many times and I'm sick of it!!!

So, we've made this dual purpose t-shirt for anyone who thinks they're getting poked too much!!!

 $3.00 from each shirt is being donated to the USO of North Carolina.  Thank you!!!

(Colors are approximate)